As technology and Web 2.0 become more relent in our lives and those of our students (or future students), it’s our job as teachers to find helpful sites that we can use and our students. Here’s three websites that can be helpful and a review of them.

Pro Teacher Directory offers teachers with ideas for lessons for any subject, such as reading, writing, math and science. It also has a section where teachers can look up classrooms management help and ideas. All you need to know is what grade level you are teaching, they have ideas from elementary to high school, plus signing up is free and bias free. Teachers are able to use technology to help with planning and designing learning environments and improve productivity and professional practice in the digital world, according to the NETS-S. The only down side it that if want to chat with other teachers on the site and share your own ideas you do have to sign up, but like I said it’s free.

Another site is Teacher Blog It, it’s a student friendly blogging site that the teacher runs. The teacher creates a classroom blog and then has the students join the classroom. Once there student can write, collaborate and publish works. They can also help their fellow students grow by leaving comments that they can get notifications for every time someone leaves a comment. As teachers we will have to give our students knowledge about what blogging is and how it will be used in the classroom. Students will learn, from the NETS-S, basic operations and concepts, social, ethical and human issues, technology productivity tools and how they use it as a form of commination and problem solving tools. The great thing is that it’s free and simple to use for both students and teachers, set up a blog room for each class you use it in. Making sure that students have access to a computer and internet is the only thing that could become a problem. This can be used for seventh grade- college students.

Lastly there’s Diigo, it makes finding and saving sources. You are able to save, tag, annotate, organize and share online resources. If offers technology research tools, basic operations and productivity tools in NETS-S. It is free but with limitations, the free versions comes with Ads but you can’t really do anything else like bookmarking or highlighting. You should still be able to save but if you want any of the other additions you have to pay for it. This can be used from probably high school to college.

So, here’s some Web 2.0 sites that could be helpful for your current or future career in education.