When it comes to using Web 2.0 and Social Media in the classroom, I’m not really sure where I will go with. I see the benefits of using the internet and how students can access the information easily but sometimes I feel that having them use a book gives them that sense to having to really look for the information. But I can see how I can use Web 2.0 in my future classroom. I would love to create a YouTube channel for my classroom and show my students how to create videos and edit them then post them to the channel. Having students create videos on the topic of the class and post it gives them the chance to see their classmate’s videos and comment on them. Also it feeds their need of social interaction because people all the world will be able to watch their videos and leave comments. Students get the chance to create, edit and share their thoughts and let’s be able to do something that is truly their own, instead of having everyone make a brochure that would all look similar. By making a video, students can make it truly their own, all the teacher has to do is give a time limit, content, and make sure that none of the videos are inappropriate. I think this where my path is leading me to bring Web 2.0 into my future classroom.