According to the article Teaching and Learning with the Net Generation, the Net Geners are very much about education and have certain goals set up to do school work on weekends rather than hang out with friends. The Net Geners learn differently than those in the past because they grow up in a digital age and with technology. They strive for an independent learning but also lots of meaningful feedback as to know if they are doing the assignment right. Teachers are forced to change teaching styles to include different forms of media to keep students interested as well as coming to an understanding that Net Geners have that thought that they are multitaskers. Sometimes all the teacher needs to do is to be a part of the social internet world with their students.

Teachers need to find a balance on their own teaching style with the fact that most students want to learn and do assignments independently with feedback coming from them. They also need to realize that when one students asks and question they are going to want the answer right away and the teacher needs to think about finding the answer or waiting until later. Most students want to interact with each and discuss a paper or topic brought up in class. The teacher can use the idea of blogs to have students share their thoughts and respond to each other through technology. Teachers also need to not be afraid to interact with their students through social media and create a page for the classroom where the students can get notifications and talk to each other that way.

I do think that we need to embrace technology and maybe it’s because I grew with it. I can see that students want to be independent with their learning and there’s a way to do that by letting them pick a subject to research for a project but I would never go as far as giving them the freedom to choose an assignment. I’m one of those people that if you told me to write a paper and gave me nothing but that, I would stress out and not know what you’d want from me. I had a class last term where that was the case, we had to do different writing assignments and she never gave us anything to on aside from one is a how-to. No rubric, not guidelines, nothing and I stressed for over it. But by giving students the freedom to pick a subject for, example, a pamphlet it gives them the ownership and independence they want.