In recent discussions of the future of teaching, a controversial issue has been whether the use of technology in classrooms is a good idea. On the one hand, some argue that technology is a great tool for students to learn from. From this perspective, students would be able to discover the use of blogs and how to make videos about certain topics being talked about in classes. Also, they connect to the world and be able to talk with someone on the other side of the world and ask them questions about their culture. On the other hand, however, others argue that the best technology is a pencil and paper over computers or digital sources. According to this view, we should students using pencil and paper to work out problems or fill out diagrams before putting onto the screen so that they can make sure that it’s right before they can’t change it anymore. In sum then, the issue is whether to use technology or not don’t use it in classrooms when teaching students.

My own view is that students, nowadays, can get bored easily in school because so much of their lives revolve around technology and social media, it is still good to bring pencil and paper into this new age of technology. Though I concede that technology will continue to grow as the students do and they will know more about certain devices than me, I still maintain that there is always a way for both worlds to exist in the classroom. For example, technology should never be a way for teachers to keep students busy because they had nothing thing planed but to find ways to have students read their text book, or other books, about a certain event, even let them use the internet, and write a short film about the event in any form they want, a movie or documentary or PSA, have them video it and post it on YouTube, create a classroom channel, to share with the world. Although some might object that technology is only good for keeping students busy and they don’t learn anything from it, I would reply that outside of the classroom students are constantly learning new things through Facebook posts and feeding their own interests about how movies are made or how to cook a certain dish, therefore students are gaining new information and we should be able to let them do the same in classrooms and if that’s through technology then we should be able to adapt to the new world that they are growing up in.. The issue is important because it’s something that many teachers are facing today, such as my roommate teaches at a preschool level and loves that they have all this technology but sometimes she feels that when having pajama day at school shouldn’t be just having the students watch a movie or plays games on the computer because they just go home and do that, but she’d rather have them running around outside or taking a part on old radio to see how it works.